Left: The nine children currently living in Namaste America's initial family house. Soumya (bottom left), Manikantan (back row, far left), Sooryimol (back row, second from left), and Aromal (back row, far right) are all in need of sponsorship so that they can continue living in the house and more children may move in. 

Above: A Kani man demonstrates a bow he made for the Namaste America representative who went to visit and learn about the Kani. Every Kani household has at least one similar bow that fires small rocks and pebbles found on the jungle floor. They are used primarily in groups to ward off elephants or wild dogs that threaten Kani homes. For those willing to make a sizeable donation to help the Kani, a similar bow can be shipped.

Above: A young Kani boy lays on the dirt floor of his mother's home. The boy was born after his mother, a lifelong victim of polio, then 13, was raped by a man who entered her home while her parents were out foraging in the jungle. The boys younger sister now lives in one of Namaste's family homes.

Middle: The nursery of the school in the village of Kottoor. This is the school that children living in one of Namaste America's family houses attend. Namaste recently purchased toys for the nursery and plans to provide additional items in the future.

Above: Namaste America President Zak Franklin teaches an English class for tribal children in the outcaste village of Punthiparra. If you are interested in volunteering for Namaste in India, please contact Namaste America at HelptheKani@gmail.com. (Unfortunately, only male volunteers may currently be placed in the region due to safety concerns.)

Bottom: A jungle region of the Western Ghat mountain range where many Kani live.