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"Adopt" a Child:

One of the best ways to help the Kani is to sponsor a child so that they may leave the jungle and move into a Namaste family house where they will go to school, receive regular medical care, and have the opportunity for a better future. This requires a yearly donation of $500. Due to the favorable exchange rate and low cost of living, $1.37 a day can save a child while helping their family and community. There is no contract and in return for your generosity, Namaste's employees in India and America will provide you with regular updates on the child, including photos, letters from the child, and school report cards. At Namaste, we are dedicated to not only helping the children achieve academically and professionally, but emotionially as well. In addition to your donation, we also request that you email our American office one photo of yourself and a short letter to the child as the children seem to take great comfort in knowing that someone in America cares for them. Additionally, if you ever visit the subcontinent and would like to meet your child and see Namaste's projects, cheap and clean accomodations are available at Namaste India's headquarters.

Lump Sum Donation:

For those who are interested in helping, but are not currently able to sponsor a child, Namaste welcomes single donations as well. Due to the favorable exchange rate and the low cost of living in India, a little bit of American money can go a long way. Any amount would be appreciated and put to good use. If you would like to buy a specific gift for the children living in one of our family homes (athletic equipment or some toys or books perhaps?), Namaste America is very interested in providing you the opportunity to direct your donation. Additionally, Namaste is working on and planning other projects to help the Kani and is very interested in discussing other options as well.

Please contact Zak by filling out the form below, emailing or calling 424-335-5408 if you are interested in sponsoring a child or would like to learn more.

Above: Namaste tries to send students who show particular promise to the best schools so that they may maximize their potential. Babysalini (Baby-shuh-lee-knee) is one such 12 year-old. During one of the after school tutoring sessions, Namaste America President Zak Franklin asks Babysalini to show off her English skills and record a message for Zak's family back in America. Without the generosity of Americans like yourself, many brilliant Kani children would not be given the opportunity to flourish like Babysalini has been able to.

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