Above: Kani schoolchildren say goodbye after their final English lesson from a Namaste America volunteer.

About Namaste America: Namaste - Wings to Fly was founded in Vellanad, in the southernmost part of India in the year 2000, as an alternative solution to orphanages. Since then, the organization has grown to help even more deserving children. Today it is an established Non Governmental Organization registered under the Travancore Literacy and Science Charitable Societies Act, 1955 and under the Foreign Contribution Act, 1976, having 15 family houses, sponsoring almost 850 deserving children, with many other relief and educational projects focusing on the neediest people. Namaste - Wings to Fly America focuses on helping children from the Kani tribe of southern India. Most Kani currently live in the remote jungle region of the Western Ghat mountain range, unable to attend school or receive healthcare and have very little future opportunity.

Their homes are without electricity or plumbing, are made of material foraged from the jungle, and are often built high in the trees to protect against elephants. Thanks to Namaste - Wings to Fly America, some of these children have been able to move to nearby villages where they may choose to live in a home, attend school, receive healthcare, eat regularly, and live a more comfortable childhood.

The main goal of Namaste - Wings to Fly and Namaste - Wings to Fly America is to provide these children with the skills to become completely self-sufficient upon adulthood. Until then, the generosity of Americans is very much needed. The best way to help is to "adopt" one child for $500 per year in order to pay for all of their needs. More information may be found by visiting our HOW YOU CAN HELP page or by emailing helpthekani@gmail.com

Namaste - Wings to Fly America is a registered 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the state of Colorado.

Featured Video:Saying Goodbye to the Tribal Children

Featured Child: Aromal is 11 years-old. His family lives in a small hut made from reed and bamboo. The hut has no furniture, no plumbing or electricity, and the family collects water from a nearby stream. They have no possessions other than a few pairs of clothes, a bow with pebbles for fending off wild animals, a few knives made of rusted scrap metal, two plastic buckets for collecting water, and some bamboo baskets that Aromal's mother weaved. Nonetheless, Aromal is described as a bright and happy young boy. His family is asking that one generous American "adopt" Aromal by sponsoring him through Namaste America so that Aromal may live in one of Namaste's family houses and attend school. CLICK HERE TO HELP AROMAL.

To LEARN MORE about the experience that led to the founding of Namaste America, please read "Not What I Signed Up For: The Founding of Namaste - Wings to Fly America" by Sebina Versi